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YoYo Starter Pack

YoYo Starter Pack

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This Yoyo Starter Pack includes everything a beginner needs to get started.

The kit contains;

EVAN NAGAO VOYAGE - Designed to be extremely easy to use. Great size and shape for people of all ages.

GENTRY STEIN REPLAY - Specifically designed for both beginner and novice yoyo players, the Replay comes standard with a responsive bearing which allows the yoyo to come back to your hand with the tug of the string.
With a long spin time you will be able to perfect all your yoyo tricks such as: Walk the Dog, Creeper, Forward Pass, Around the World, Jamaican Flag, Eiffel Tower, Breakaway, Pop the Clutch, Flying Saucer / UFO, sleeper, and more.

Also included;

String 10pc GREEN  - Yoyo Factory strings are great quality yoyo strings, and work with every type of yoyo. Made of 100% polyester. Pre-tied finger loop.

Colours of YoYo's will be chosen randomly.